Acne, Spots & Congestion

Acne, Spots and, Congestion

A common misconception is that Acne only affects teenagers but more adults than ever are now suffering from acneic skin conditions and they need help too!

When we look at the skin and see a problem it is normally a symptom of an underlying Cause. This cause will be a combination of both internal and external factors:

  • Internal Factors: hormones, oil quality, diet, health, medication
  • External Factors: topical products, comedogenic ingredients, picking the skin, the environment and much more
  • Predisposed: Problem skin is hereditary, if a family member has had acne; you will have a predisposition to this condition.

Mix all the above together and it can cause havoc. Some of you will have the odd spot, some will have a selection and unfortunately some will have full blown acne.

The reality is their is no magic cure to stop every spot completely but we can make a great change to how many, how often and how much damage they leave behind using science based skincare and treatments.

Our aim is to minimise their effect and prevent acne, spots and congestion damaging and scaring your skin for life.

Things not to do

  • Over wash your skin skin
  • Keep changing products
  • Stress over your skin
  • Pick your spots

On average a spot will last 5-10 days, by picking it can last months and the mark can stay for even longer. Lumps or cystic spots under the skin can last a long time; if you get those then we can advise you with a routine to help break them down without the need for squeezing and causing further trauma.

Next Step

Its time to stop guessing as to what is causing your Acne and using product after product with very little success.

Book your first appointment with our skin experts and have an In-Depth Skin Analysis and Consultation.

Here we will listen to your concerns and get to understand you skin. We will analysis several areas mentioned above so that we make make an individual recommend and what treatments and home-care will be most appropriate based on your skin type.

We will also help you understand about spots and why you get them. The more knowledge you have the easier it will be to understand what to do to your skin and what not to do.

How we treat Acne?

When you come to see us we will work with you and explain to you why your skin is doing what it is doing. We offer a wide range of professional treatments to help.

As the causes of Acne are multi-faceted, a customised treatment plan is the best approach. Out team of skin therapists understand the causes of acne and can develop a treatment program that is right for you. 

Your treatment plan may include:

  • Bespoke Skin Care- blended specifically for your skins needs
  • In-clinic Treatments- to improve cellular function skin and skin health
  • LED Light Treatment -to help fight the inflammation and p acnes bacteria
  • Skin Nutrition- to support hormonal balance and vitamin deficiencies is a must for all problem skins
  • Education -it is important we teach you to understand how you can look after your skin until you come back to us.

So why not take the first steps to clearer skin and book a Skin Analysis Consultation. Contact us on 02838 318 280