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Are your Drinking Enough Water?

Firstly we need to remember that your Skin is an organ, in fact its the largest in your body and it goes without saying that any bodily organ needs an adequate amount of water to function best. The amount of water needed varies per person due to weight, sex, and level of physical activity but…
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The Acid Mantle

Do you have spots, redness, dryness or ageing skin? Or... Do you feel Squeaky clean and Tight after showing or Cleansing? If so, you need to understand something about The Acid Mantle! What is it? I’m guessing you may not have heard about this protective layer before, yet it’s fundamental if you want healthy hydrated…
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Healthy Make-Up – is it possible?

Here at The Skin Health Clinic we like to think that we know you; what you want from your beauty routine, what you like and what you don’t… We know that you are serious about your skin health, after all you use dermaviduals. We know that you want real results. We know you like that our products are…
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