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Acne promises may lead to more problems

Often associated with our teenage years, Acne is one of the most common skin conditions that affects all age groups. Like many common conditions, there are entire markets devoted to ridding people of the ailment. Ironically a lot of what we do to stave off the condition can actually worsen it or have detrimental effects…
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3 Easy Steps to Removing Halloween Make-Up

Its great fun dressing up and adding the details with some amazing Halloween Make-up but we all know it can be downright 'Horror Scene’ in the removal! Here’s our skin cleansing guide to removing even the most stubborn Halloween makeup  so you don’t look quite so spooky in the morning and leave your skin spooked…
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How to prepare you skin for Autumn / Winter

Autumn / Winter. It’s a time of reflection and observation.  As the weather cools, more time will be spent inside and there’s a tendency to slow life down.  Slow food will be cooked, time will be spent reading in front of open fires and on the whole, people will spend less time pursuing outdoor activities. Although…
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How to care for your baby’s skin

Baby's are difficult enough let’s be honest , but for those of us who have had kids with rashes , eczema or any other skin problems you will know how difficult day to day life can be. You read everything and will be willing to try anything, and before I get any further let me…
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