Today we were training in a new piece of equipment to remove skin imperfections which we were very excited about. Actually, we are in love with it. 

Anyway, we flew our trainer in from England after her being recommended by our equipment supplier. That’s when we got in touch Penny.

On her business profile it reads “With over 35 years’ experience as a beauty therapist. I am an experienced trainer and have lectured worldwide. My aim is to help you feel your best by you offering the latest technologies and services to achieve this goal.” ...
Inspiring or what! 

When I collected Penny we soon got chatting about the beauty industry and where her path has taken her.

One of Penny’s jobs was a vice chair president on an awarding body to as she says, “Help people see we aren’t a Flossy in a back room, to help raise standards and professional in the beauty industry”.

This too is something I’m very passionate about and which is very close to my heart especially when you careers teacher in school tells you “You’re too clever to be a beauty therapist”....

As you can imagine, we got on great. We relived our beauty training days, the crazy masks we used to mix up, the horrible wax we had to encounter but we both agreed on how good our training really was in the 'old' beauty system.

It’s not often you meet someone who has been in the beauty industry this long. I look at Penny not as an old outdated beauty therapist but as a woman with 35+ years in one industry, 20+ years teaching experience and someone who holds strong to her values and standards of professionalism.

Tonight, I am totally inspired to keep pushing on to lift this industry up. 

To continue training, increasing my knowledge and helping people see we didn’t choose this industry because we failed school, or we weren’t smart enough to do anything else because unfortunately sometimes that’s the response you get when you say you are a Beauty Therapist.

When I look back over the last 15 years in this industry I can’t believe how much I have learnt and continue to learn. You can never know it all. What an exciting opportunity it is!

Onward and upwards we go, thanks Penny for inspiring and motivating me today.

Written by

Victoria Shields

Clinic Director & Expert Skin Therapist


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