Advanced Skin Analysis

You’ll soon discover that your Skin Analysis Consultation is the secret to the amazing long term results we can help you experience.

We begin by encouraging you to bring along a list of any medications that you are currently taking and your current skin care and make up products.

The knowledge this gives us will inform an in depth conversation with you about the history and condition of your skin because we want to understand how your current skin challenges affect your day to day life.

Next we use our amazing Observ® Imaging Technology to take an in depth look at what’s happening under the surface of your skin.

All this helps us understand why your skin is behaving as it is and its only by investigating and truly understanding the leading causes of your skins condition that we can go beyond just treating the symptoms as most skin regimes do and actually create solutions that give you long term results you’ll be more than happy to live with.

It is best to arrive without make-up, moisturisers or Sunscreens to avoid altering the PH or oil levels of your skin

Skin Analysis Consultation 45 mins     £40.00

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