Step 1 – In-Depth Skin Analysis

Your first Visit at the Skin Health Clinic will begin with a In-Depth Digital Skin Analysis & Consultation which is the secret to how we can deliver the amazing long term results you’re going to experience at The Skin Health Clinic.

More in-depth than any other skin consultation you’ve ever experienced, our skin analysis isn't about simply selling you skin care and recommending treatments. We sit down together and help you understand how your skin works, where the missing links are and how to get results your desire.

|To start we begin with a detailed questionnaire that reveals both the history of your skin and any current skin health challenges that you have.

We examine 4 main areas contributing to your skin health. We take a holistic approach when treating skin because how your skin is presenting is an overall picture of body health, nutrition and wellness.

Next we use the latest in Digital Skin Imaging and diagnostic techniques to help identify what’s happening under the surface of your skin. This is essential because it’s the only way to discover the true underlying cause of any skin condition that you see on the surface.

Now that we have a true picture of your skin concerns and problems, we can begin your skincare journey with a product and treatment regime fully customised for your skins needs.

Please understand that your ‘In-Depth’ Skin Analysis & Consultation can also reveal the early warning signs for many skin conditions and will allow us to create a bespoke preventative skincare plan which will stop future skin problems arising.

In-Depth Skin Analysis & Consultation

45-50 mins     £45.00

Please bring along a list of any medication and supplements that you are currently taking along with you current skin care and make up products that you use on a daily basis.

It’s also best to arrive with bare skin, free from make-up, moisturisers or Sunscreens.

The Skin Health Clinic is based in Poyntzpass, Newry, County Down.

If you are interested in booking an appointment please call us on:02838894121 or e-mail :