Step 2 – Performance Treatments

Performance Skin Treatments

At The Skin Health Clinic It may seem like we don't offer many treatments but in fact the choices we have our endless.

We deliberately don’t offer you a long list of generic facials or follow set routines because we recognise that everyone's skin is different, which means for you to experience the best long term results you need treatments that are customised totally and specifically for you and your skins needs.

When we customise treatments our focus is skin restoration by means of infusing and feeding skin cells with the vitamins and natural lipids it is lacking. We feel this approach works so much better than the aggressive stripping and peeling treatments that so many salons offers which do give the appearance of great short term cosmetic results but actually cause inflammation and skin ageing which is not good for the long term health of your skin.

Bespoke Performance Treatments

Our nutrient dense skin treatments are totally personalised to your specific skin needs on the day. They also incorporate a full range advanced skin equipment to enhance the penetration of active ingredients and stimulate cellular activity to make sure you experience exceptional long term results, each and every time you visit us.

Each treatment is designed to treat:

  • Redness/Sensitivity/Rosaces
  • Acne/Congestion/Scarring
  • Lines/Wrinkles/Pigmentation
  • Dry/Flaking/Dehydration

In- Depth Bespoke Skin Treatment   60 minute -£70.00

Ultimate Performance Skin Treatment  - 75 minute- £85.00

As skin professionals we understand that it's  time spent on your skin that guarantees maximum results so for those clients who have a challenging skin or are wanting to see the maximum possible benefits from a treatment we offer our longer 75 minute treatment.We also recommend those who would like to incorporate the neck & decollete to book the 75 minute treatment.

Treatment Enhancers

Treatment enhancers may be recommended by your skincare therapist to, as the name suggests, enhance the effects of your skincare goals in between your visits.

  • Led Light Therapy -from £30 per session
  • Non Surgical Face Lift- from £60.00 per session
  • Microneedling-from £155.00 per session

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