Sun damage, pigmentation

Sun Damage and Hyperpigmentation

There’s a very important yet little known fact about skin which is that, like an elephant, it has a long memory, which means that the accumulated damage from all the tans, sunbeds and sunburns you subject it to is permanently recorded in its ‘memory’. So, although you might not see the consequences now, trust us when we say, they will appear sometime.

It’s a big fact to swallow, isn’t it and we understand that it might not be something you want to hear but to us its important you know the truth.

How would you know if your skin was Sun Damaged?

It shows in many ways, but wrinkles, brown spots and hyperpigmentation along with other signs of early skin ageing are the most common. Sadly, precancerous skin lesions, cancerous lumps and patches and even melanomas are becoming a more common consequence of sun damage.

It may take years or decades for the effects to catch up with you, but the good news is, our experience shows that by taking better care of your skin from now on, you may be able to stave off skin cancers and minimize the effects of sun damage based skin ageing and we’d like to help. 

What is hyperpigmentation?

The Melanocyte cell creates a substance called melanin, this creates pigmentation which makes us go brown in the sun. Hyperpigmentation is an excess of colour in the skin that does not fade away like a suntan.

While many people associate a tan as healthy looking, a tan is instead a sign that the skin has been harmed and is trying to protect itself. Mother nature was very aware of the damages of UV light many years before we realized it. Sunburn and heavy tans can never be justified and are harmful.

Common causes:

There are various influences that can make the skin sensitive to sunlight (photo sensitivity)

Internal Influences:

  • The contraceptive pill/ Pregnancy
  • Other hormonal changes
  • A range of oral medication

 External Influences

  • Topical prescriptive creams
  • Skin barrier disorders
  • An over exposure to the sun
  • Abrasive Cosmetic procedures- Lasers/IPL
  • Picking spots 

How Can I treat it? 

Make your first step is by booking an appointment with our skin educators. We will then be able to look and feel your skin, offer you a full skin consultation and educate you in how best to look after your skin.

With the correct home ingredients that can protect and strengthen the skin from UV damage, restoring the homeostasis of the skin and slowly improving the health of the melanocyte cell.

Our aim is to strengthen the skin, build up the epidermis, slowly remove the excess pigment and re-educate the melanocyte cell.

With the correct skin care and treatments and over a period of time you can improve the health of the skin and the underlying cellular damage. Do be mindful of your internal or external influence that could be the case.

Though hyperpigmentation is very difficult to eliminate entirely we can help you can lessen the appearance and most importantly prevent it getting worse.

An SPF from May-September in the UK is highly important but SPF alone is now the answer. SPF 30 and above will block the sun but sun creams only stop the skin from burning not causing underlying damage to the skin cells. So take extra precautions; wear a hat, be sun aware, but do get some sun as it gives us our Vitamin D.

If you are ready to take the first step to better Skin Health then book our Skin Analysis Consultation today. Call us 02838318280